Community Q&A with Artist Karla Pruitt


Meet the artist: Karla Pruitt

Stay in touch: @karla_pruitt

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Tell us what you do: I paint and create patterns that I sell in my online shop and license to companies for product development on items like wallpaper and greeting cards.

Tell us about your history: I grew up in South Florida in a design loving family, went to SCAD in Savannah and majored in Fibers (textile design). I moved to Atlanta for a job as a home textile designer, and then worked as a gift product designer in Athens.

Tell us about the importance of your work: I think creating beautiful things to live around is a natural and humble part of being human. I hope my designs bring a little color into people’s lives.

Tell us why you live in Athens: My husband and I moved here just because we liked it! I am greatly influenced in my work by where I live, and walking around Athens helped inspire my wallpaper line for Hygge & West.

Describe your favorite things about this city: I love the perfect little city size of Athens, the people we’ve met here, the local restaurants and shops, and my favorite little neighborhood of Normaltown.