Athens Style: Brittani Bumb and Untitled Thoughts

Words By Jose Peña. Photos provided by Brittani Bumb.

Brittani Bumb, the woman behind the brand Untitled Thoughts, is a high-spirited, eco-friendly fashion phenomenon. Inspired from having to wear school uniforms back in bayou bountiful Louisiana, Bumb began and expanded a brand that exudes clean looks with a “green thumb” state of mind. Her desire to pursue fashion culminated primarily from two things: her love and preservation for nature and (limitation as a source of creativity) the minimal amount of self-expression bestowed upon her community.

Brittani Bumb working backstage at La Vie en Rose Fashion Show at the 40 Watt this past October. Photo by Jason Machen.

Bumb began sewing using her great-grandmother’s cast-iron modeled sewing machine and pulled fabrics from her attic, closet, basement—really anywhere she could find them. The idea of keeping a low carbon footprint and not contributing to the negative environmental impact the fashion industry can create with its manufacturing really spoke to her. Bumb also implements her designs with few resources, believing that “more limitation sparks more creativity.” She found it refreshing to come up with ideas for designs without the luxury of having an extraordinary amount of supplies—it allows for the mind to really get creative and think outside of the box.

After working with a mannequin from Joanne’s for five years before it fell apart, Bumb realized she had to amp up her designing experience. She relocated to Georgia for her mother’s company and attended Savannah College of Art and Design after a hurricane tragically destroyed her home. While in college, Bumb visited Athens, Georgia from time to time and attended craft fairs held by local vendors like Indie South and Community. Intrigued, Brittani reached out to some of the vendors and was invited to sell some of her garments in Indie South’s Springtacular and received other invitations to work more craft fairs.

Brittani Bumb working backstage at La Vie en Rose Fashion Show at the 40 Watt this past October. Photo by Jason Machen.

A friend of Brittani’s told her about an internship posting for Community, a local boutique that advocates sustainability, while working in one of the fairs. The internship was seeking to fill a position for a sewing technician which caught Bumb’s attention, on top of the fact that they sold curated vintage fashion. She sought out to learn more about the business paying no regards to the fact that she wasn’t a local. Sanni Baumgärtner, the owner, ended up contacting Bumb requesting her to present some of her work. Impressed by what was presented to her, Baumgärtner praised her sewing skills and ended up allowing her to work on custom orders for customers. The brand Untitled Thoughts began to bloom as she progressed in her work and people started buying more and more of her collection. The success and positive reaction through her customers ultimately led to Bumb’s official move to Athens.

Today, Bumb continues to sell her brand in local boutiques and works with many organizations to bring an emphasis on sustainable fashion and how easy it can be to obtain. Bumb confesses that she does not necessarily want to become some hot-shot, haute couture designer, but instead wants to share her skills with a goal of bringing a community together through fashion. Maybe aiding the less fortunate to make their own clothes with old fabrics or to teach people how to alter articles of clothing into new, individual pieces. Without a doubt, Bumb’s strong-willed dedication to respect nature (and to look good while doing so), is truly admirable.

Make sure to check out Brittani Bumb on Instagram and at her website then see her collections for yourself in Community and Indie South or on her website!

The following is a photoshoot for Bumb’s most recent party dress collection, A Midnight Clear. All photos taken by Bumb herself.

Model: Astrid Von Winter
Model: Christine Byun
Models: Nikki G and Astrid Von Winter
Model: Astrid Von Winter
Model: Christine Byun
Model: Nikki G
Model: Astrid Von Winter
Model: Astrid Von Winter
Model: Nikki G


Athens Eats: Collective Harvest

Collective Harvest

Words by Blythe Coker. Photos by Austin Steele.

The way people grow, buy and consume food is ever-changing, lately shifting toward not only healthier choices but also local options. For years Athens has been a regional leader in offering a market for local and sustainable food. Savanna Osborn, director of Collective Harvest, observed the people of Athens as “caring, intelligent, and motivated.” In her opinion, “this perfect storm of values and characteristics is what helps local businesses thrive. Collective Harvest benefits from these people who care about what they put in their body and who they support and they recognize that their dollar is a vote for local, seasonal produce.”

( photo / Collective Harvest )
Collective Harvest / photo

Collective Harvest is Athens’ local CSA, which stands for community supported agriculture. It consists of five farms: Front Field, Full Moon, Diamond Hill, Hickory Hill and Cedar Grove, who all met and began to collaborate while selling individually at the Athens Farmers Market. They started collaborating in 2012 and today have a supportive relationship as they grow healthy, fresh and clean produce for the Athens area. “We aren’t competing, we are all coming together,” explained Iwalani Farfour, owner of Full Moon Farm. “We all face the same problems and no one has an advantage, so we get to work together.” Continue reading “Athens Eats: Collective Harvest”

Athens Style: Hannah Betzel & Slow Fashion


Earlier this year we sat down with artist Hannah Betzel to give us the lowdown on her Slow Fashion challenge of 2016. Months later this movement is no longer a challenge for Betzel, but a lifestyle. We are so proud of her commitment to ethical fashion! Read the original article below to get the scoop on what Slow Fashion is and join us in the movement today!

Words by Cliffton Jacques. Photos by Christy Rogers.

In life, we are constantly bombarded with the newest clothing trends. Whether it’s from the pictures hanging up in stores, the latest person you follow on Instagram, or the incessant amount of clothing collections being made, the fashion industry is always ramping up production. When trends come at such high speeds, it becomes next to impossible to stop and ask where these clothes came from, who made them, or how did it affect the environment. Hannah Betzel is a local artist in Athens and has taken on a new challenge this year, Slow Fashion. Betzel is suggesting that we need to do just that; slow down. While she did not start this slow fashion movement, she is working to become a part of it. Continue reading “Athens Style: Hannah Betzel & Slow Fashion”

Athens Style: Tabitha Fielteau

Words by Aspen Fairchild. Photos by Shayon Keating.

Self-taught in everything from color theory and textiles, to sketching, to pattern-making, all the way to manufacturing, local fashion designer Tabitha Fielteau is the definition of a self-starter. Her hard work and dedication has seen much success in the Athens community and beyond in places such as local clothing boutique, Community, to the audition room for Project Runway.

Tabitha Fielteau

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Tuesday Takeovers | April

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Community Photos | February

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Athens Eats: A Tale of Two Roasters

Words by Sarra Sedghi. Photos by Brynn Houska.


Coffee drinkers may pick sides between Jittery Joe’s and 1000 Faces, but the roasters have never been competitive—rather, they maintain a friendly relationship and embrace a common passion for quality coffee.

Mustard, who has been roasting with Jittery Joe’s for 21 years, has maintained an amicable relationship with the 1000 Faces team since 2006, when Ben Myers founded the roaster. As 1000 Faces got its start, the two roasters relied on one another in a fix, switching green (pre-roasted) beans when supplies ran low. The friendship extended to Kozak when he joined the 1000 Faces team in 2010.

roasters Continue reading “Athens Eats: A Tale of Two Roasters”

Vision Video: Hidden Gem of the Eastside

Words & Photos by John Buckley.

Vision Video, Athens’  video rental store on the Eastside, is just one part of what makes Athens unparalled. Years after Blockbuster went belly up, Vision video still opens its doors each day as it has since it opened in 1986. While there were 5 locations in Athens at its height, there is only one store now, but there is no sign of Vision Video leaving any time soon. Even in the age of Netflix, Hulu, and Redbox, Vision Video still succeeds because it offers a massive selection of recent and classic films as well as TV show selections that the others do not.

Vision Video

Athens has always been supportive of local businesses over commercial options with Vision Video being no exception. Zach Henderson, the store manager, believes this is a large part of what has kept them open.

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Tuesday Takeovers | January

Every Tuesday, we feature photos from some of our favorite local photographers in a series we call Tuesday Takeover. We like to think of it as a chance for everyday Athenians to tell the story of what Athens looks like through their eyes. These are our Tuesday Takeover photos from January.

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