ICYMI: Sons of Sawdust in the AJC

sons of sawdust matt ben
sons of sawdust matt ben
Image by Hyosub Shin for the AJC

We love good storytelling about creative people doing big things in our city, so we were thrilled to see our partners, Sons of Sawdust, featured in the AJC last weekend. In case you missed it, here’s an excerpt from the story by Josh Green. You can read the full article here.

“Today, through a confluence of skill, luck and good branding, these two restless creatives have built a reclaimed-wood craft business with backlogged orders and clients from Los Angeles to New York. “American Pickers” creator Mike Wolfe is pitching a reality TV show about them to major networks. Should Wolfe fail, four other production companies are waiting in line to pitch their own shows based on the brothers.

The irony is that Sons of Sawdust has relied on old-fashioned mediums — woodworking and storytelling — to become social media stars, which is the root of their popularity (and how Wolfe initially found them). Their relationship to reclaimed wood traces back to a garage workshop three hours south of Atlanta, where two boys once were awed by their grandfather’s craftsmanship. They called him “Pa.”

Way to go Ben, Matt and Shayna! We’re proud to call Sons of Sawdust our friends and collaborators.