Skate Park of Athens is Breaking Rocks, and We Need Your Help!

Words and Photos: Jeremy Olson and Alexa Rivera

Edited: Nina K. Guzman

Skate Park of Athens has been the stomping grounds for those who prefer to glide over the pavement or show off newly learned stunts along with their newly formed bruises. It has become the bedrock of the close knit skateboarding community open to Athenians and visitors alike. Initially started as a grassroots movement to create a safe and inviting park, has grown into an Athens staple. Over the years,  local business owners, community members along with Tony Hawk grants, SPLOST, and Athens Clarke County Leisure Services, the park has evolved into an iconic design—a world renowned park that is not duplicated anywhere else. These plans always included a street course however, and this is where you step in.

Corwin Weik, Jeff Hannan, and Alex Blankenship are leading this project, and they want the input of the community. Branding ideas, logo ideas, and all other ideas are welcome in this ongoing development so that this project has your voice. The rocks that are being broken right now as you read this are for the development of a street course. This addition is to allow skateboarders of all skill levels to develop and master their talents. The park already has a welcoming environment, but to stress a specific characteristic of the Skate Park of Athens, the healthy competition creatively inspires all to be the best that they can. This park has produced signed skateboarders in the past, some of whom consider this park to be a huge factor in those achievements. This addition for the park is to allow those who are just starting off a flat surface that will be a great jumping off point. The possibilities of this safe environment away from public roads can be the location where someone learns their first Ollie or kick flip. This full circle mentality is what the culture encompasses at the park and we hope this is where the cycle of continued great talent grows. The street course will also add new obstacles through the creation of urban style structures. These additions will push everyone to conquer a new environment and express themselves through their talents. We want to see this community grow and foster more friendships in the pursuit of excellent skateboarding.

To accomplish this, the Skate Park needs  donations to fulfill our promise to grow our welcoming community. The goal is to raise $80,000 dollars for construction and renovations so that the immediate ongoing renovations are fulfilled to their highest ability. This is not a park just for the individuals who are running this program, but for every Athenian, every Georgian, and every person who comes across this park who wants a quality skating experience. Everyone can be themselves here, emotions are let loose and friendships are made.

Donate to help support this park and create a loving environment that we can all say we had a hand in building. By donating, you will help that new eight-year-old skateboarder to have a safe place to begin their passion alongside the avid skateboarder to push others and themselves to new levels of skill. Your donation will help broaden the skating experience at the Skate Park of Athens.

To donate stop by their Go Fund Me page