Athens Style: The Repurposing Project

Words by Leah Davis. Photos by Kelly Doyle Mace.

Last summer, in Cine’s tiny Lab, a great fashion show — The Repurposing Project — was born. The space was small, and the attendance was limited, but the buzz lasted for weeks.

The Repurposing Project is the brainchild of Lindsey Haddad and Moira Rose Berry of Olives and Wax Vintage. The concept is simple. Give a bunch of local designers – from amateurs to professionals — a bag of old clothing and fabric. Give them a few weeks to turn it into a whole new outfit. And put on a fashion show to show off their creations!

The Repurposing Project
Lindsey Haddad (left) and Moira Berry of Olives and Wax Vintage at last summer’s Repurposing Project. Photo by Kelly Doyle Mace

“The Repurposing Project came about because Moira and I wanted to put on an event, and we wanted it to be different from the things we’d already seen in Athens,” says Haddad. “We owe a lot to Rachel Barnes and Ciné, especially, as they were the first two entities to basically say, This is a good idea. Let me help you make it happen.’ Since then we’ve received so much support, sometimes all I can do is sit back in a warm glow of awe. I’ve heard many people talk about their ‘found family’ here in Athens, and that’s what it feels like – a giant, crazy family coming together to make something fun and with meaning.”

The final product was as much a celebration of the amazing diversity and creativity of the Athens fashion scene as it is a showcase of sustainable fashion.

The results of the first Repurposing Project were so inventive, so varied and so different from the other runways we’ve seen around town that we asked Olives and Wax to join our own “found family” and grow The Repurposing Project to the size it deserves to be. And, once again with the help of local fashion icon and event coordinator Rachel Barnes, that’s just what we’re doing.

repurposing project
Model Nicole Brooks walks the runway in her repurposed look at last year’s show. Photo by Kelly Doyle Mace

“I think the opportunities The Repurposing Project presents are unique,” Haddad says. “Based on the interest we’ve received so far, there’s potential to reach all walks of life in Athens. That’s the dream, anyway, so that we can come together as a city – whether we’re participating or observing – to share this experience. The creativity and the challenge involved makes it entertaining for everyone, even those who aren’t necessarily fashion-oriented. And any chance we have to bridge divides in the community is a chance to strengthen the city as a whole. Ideally, this will also be a continuation of the conversation about sustainability in the fashion world.”

April 3 at the Georgia Theatre, we present The Repurposing Project 2.0. With 24 designers participating this year and some cool, couture and kooky materials for them to work with, this show is shaping up to be like nothing else you’ll see in Athens fashion this year.

Nearly all our clothing and fabric came from a clothing drive held in January and February, and we are so excited by the community’s commitment to up-cycling and sustainability!

VOLUNTEER |For months now, our wonderful team has been working behind the scenes to make this event a success, and you can join us as a volunteer by emailing us here.

ENTER | The opportunity to enter as a designer is officially open through March 6. Read the rules and submit an application to participate here!

BUY TICKETS | We can’t wait to share our designers’ creations with you! Grab an early bird ticket at $3 off with the discount code ROBIN here.

repurposing project
Three models show the variety of styles showcased in the Repurposing Project.


To find out more information about the Repurposing project or to enter the contest go check out the website at