Athens Eats: Athens’ Milkshakes

Words & Photos by Christy Rogers.

In a town literally pouring everything it has into crafting the perfect alcoholic drink, you’d think that Athens, Georgia would also be known for its magnificent milkshakes. Foregoing chains to the like of Cookout and Chick-Fil-A I set my sails towards Clocked!, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, The Grill, Groove Burgers, Condor Chocolate, and ADD Drug in order to find out which of these local spots carries the tastiest treat. In order to keep the competition even, five of my friends and I only tried out vanilla shakes. Here’s what we determined:



Frothy and light, this perfect balance of vanilla flavored melted ice cream slips through the straw as swiftly as a river. Spun in a retro machine, old school vibes surround this treat which was delivered in an old-school metal container. For $5.25 it was a bit pricey but delightful – possibly even made better with the optional malt.


Grindhouse Killer Burgers


Hand spun shakes in an industrial setting – these thick drinks are hard to get up the straw. Even though they are are sweet, most of the flavors comes from the milk and sugar not necessarily the vanilla. Ringing in at $4.24 for a smaller cup, this shake is rather expensive for the size, but their fruit and alcohol drenched shakes may make the price more worth it.

Nathan Scale

The Grill


Coming in as an Athens staple, The Grill takes the cake as the second best milkshake in town. Even with a C health rating there’s no resisting these perfectly frothy shakes that bring out the best of the vanilla bean flavor. Plus, they’re open 24/7 so you can get your fix any time of the day or night.

Claudia Scale

Groove Burger

This newly opened, industrial style restaurant had an icier take on the classic shake, scattering lil ice curds throughout. Even with the slightly more frozen texture, the drink came out tasting like a vanilla cookie which made the music blaring in the background a little more bearable. Overall it was a standard shake with nothing too fancy to brag about.

Sang Scale

Condor Chocolate


If you’re already a huge fan of Condor’s incredible chocolate, you’ll fall for this shake. Although it was pretty pricey (over $6 for a shake with optional add ons) you can tell it’s made with quality ingredients. If you go, go all out and get the chocolate one – that would bump this baby up two more notches to make it one perfect summer treat.

Christy Scale

ADD Drug


We got this baby for $2.95 – definitely the best price on a quality milkshake filled with as much love as it had ice cream. Walking in to ADD Drug you are greeted by the nicest women willing to whip you up anything you dream of and will chat with you all day if you’d like. This took the cake as the best shake in town: 10/10 would recommend.


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  1. Excellent research. Would agree with the findings. . ADD drug owner is pretty cool guy as well.

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