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Jamie Calkin

Words and Photos by Robert Daniel.


You have probably seen it. You may have even leaned against it, stopped and admired it, but you probably do not know its story. The it, I am referring to is the Tate mural, a 64-foot long watercolor mural by Jamie Calkin, a local Athens artist. I sat down with Jamie Calkin to ask him to share the story of the mural.

It is a story that almost never happened.

According to Calkin, “Willie Banks [the then director of the Tate Student Center] emailed me and told me they were having a contest and we want you to submit. I don’t like contests, and I didn’t honestly do the best job.” Continue reading “Jamie Calkin”

Jessica Fay, Pixel & Ink, and Jen Holt

Words by Shelby Gordon. Photos by Steven Patterson.

Athens is a city overflowing with passionate people who exude creativity. This creativity is personified in the women of Jessica’s Photo Albums & Gifts, Pixel and Ink, and Jen Holt.

Jessica’s Photo Albums & Gifts

Jessica Fay

Jessica Fay’s business is rooted in preserving the memories of others through designing personalized photo albums, memory boxes and scrapbooks for others. As a child, Fay was enthralled by the photos tucked away in her grandmother’s scrapbooks. Each photo told a story.

“It’s not just about the picture, it’s about the story,” said Fay. “I am saving that photo for future generations to enjoy, to look at and to feel the love from.”

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Pop Up Performance Art

Words by Steven Rounds. Photos Courtesy of Krakin Jokes and SoFar Sounds Athens.

The opportunity to experience art in its rawest form, free from the constraints of expectation and of physical barriers, seems rare. Yet in Athens, pop-up art (immersive, engaging experiences in temporal spaces) abounds. We met with the creators of a pop-up comedy show and the coordinator of an underground concert series to describe some ways pop-up art is created and to encourage Athenians to explore art in unfamiliar ways.

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Words by Tori Stoenica. Photos by Austin Steele.

The definition of ‘undercuts’ varies from person to person. Some think it literally means “under”, meaning the cut is done on the underside of the head (think: David Beckham). Others include shaving one side of the head. Whichever way you define “undercuts”, and whether you like them or are secretly wishing the mullet would come back in style, it looks like these cool-to-touch hairstyles are here to stay.


Elyse Mazanti, a stylist at Model Citizen on Prince Ave, speculates undercuts came about in the 80s and 90s, but says we’re seeing more of them now due to the resurgence of fashion. The European barber style became increasingly popular and made it’s way over to the United States, where she noticed the prominence of undercuts around 2010 while she was working in Portland. Mazanti attributes this largely to the World Cup in 2010 as many soccer players sported the fade.  Male clients would often bring photos of David Beckham and others like him as a style reference. Continue reading “Undercuts”

Athens Artist: Camille Taylor


Words & Photos by Eva Claire Schwartz.

Looking at the intricate and elegant designs of jewelry and metalworking artist Camille Taylor, you’d never know she simply stumbled upon her craft.

“I had to choose an elective [for art school] and it was between jewelry or photography. I’m glad I chose jewelry,” laughs Taylor.

Taylor’s wide variety of work looks almost effortless and yet completely original. Under her wide brim of talent she’s made everything from delicate copper sugar bowls to silver hammered earrings and statement necklaces. Continue reading “Athens Artist: Camille Taylor”

Dana Jo Cooley

Words by Steven Rounds. Photos Courtesy of Dana Jo Cooley.

Athens is undeniably a national music hub.  This rich, musically inclined culture is not only attributed to the musicians that live here.  Artists involved in every aspect of music production (from the creation of merchandise, to the set design and production, to the creation of auxiliary performance art) allow concert-goers to experience music in an enhanced way. One prominent local artist who has contributed immensely to the music-adjacent art space is Dana Jo Cooley.

Photo by Ben Rouse

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Athens Artist: AAArts Council’s Fifth Annual Art Crawl

Interactive Art

Words by Nina Goodall. Photos Courtesy of Michelle Davis.

Whether you are strolling the halls of the Georgia Museum of Art searching for that precious Radcliffe Bailey or merely browsing the art that covers the walls of the World Famous while waiting for your pretzel bites, art seems to constantly surround and embrace the Athens community.  This artistic hub we are privileged to call home offers immense culture and diversity and unites the community. This Saturday, December 12th, Athens’ artists and businesses will bring the community together for the AAArts Council’s Fifth Annual Art Crawl and Membership Drive. This event will showcase fine art, photography, sculpture, spoken work, poetry readings, and musical performances from many of the talented Athens artists. It will be held at the Chase Street Park Warehouse from 1-5 P.M. Continue reading “Athens Artist: AAArts Council’s Fifth Annual Art Crawl”