Athens Style: Madee by Lexi

Words by Taylor Timmons.

A small dream can go a long way with determination and a proactive mindset. In January, Lexi Ferber, a rising junior attending the University of Georgia, decided to start her own jewelry business, Madee by Lexi, with the help of her friends. Ferber soon saw a quick response on Instagram and has, over the past five months, developed a successful business on her own. With the power of social media and an encouraging community like Athens, Ferber’s innovation has made roughly 350+ sales and garnered 2,800 Instagram followers.

Madee by Lexi

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Video Premiere: Kick the Robot’s “Supermassive Automatic

It goes without saying that Athens is one of the jewels of the Southeast when it comes to music, and My Athens is proud to count among our contributors so many people who help make it so. Last week, one of our team members, Alex Seibert, released a video that he shot and directed for Kick the Robot’s “Supermassive Automatic.” Check out the video and read a little bit about the making of it below!

Alex Seibert:  About two years ago, I met the members of the young, super high-energy Atlanta/Athens-based rock & roll band at their show at the Green Room here in Athens, Ga. At the time, I was shooting photos for the openers (The Broken String Band) and although I wasn’t familiar with Kick The Robot, I was immediately impressed, not only by their music, but by the band members as people.
Despite their considerable talent and skill, each member is laid back and has an infectious sense of humor. Soon after, we started working together and became great friends through the process.

In a word, this production was a whirlwind. It was quick and chaotic, and while a lot of it was up in the air, the pieces fell into place. Since we didn’t have a big budget, we had to squeeze all of the shooting into three days — half of what would be ideal. On top of that, I took on every role of production, including directing, camera work, lighting (excluding the house party) and equipment management, so getting the shots I wanted proved to be a challenge.

For the house party scene, we organized a secret show at my friends’ house wherein they put on an actual show so I could capture the real energy and enthusiasm from the crowd. Everyone came together and helped out where they could and were incredibly cooperative. Since then, we’ve had a ton of requests from the attendees to do it all over again, just for fun. Working with Kick The Robot has been surreal in a sense because we’re both sort of in the same stage of our career trajectory and that unity between us has helped and inspired our creative process. I can’t wait to work with them again.

“Supermassive Automatic” is their single from their upcoming LP, Black Magic Radio Static, expected to arrive sometime in September, and the band will follow the release with a tour. Until then, be sure to check out one of their shows (dates/venues on so you can experience the magic for yourself.

On A Roll: The Rolling Runway

Rolling Runway


This summer, we are reviewing some of our favorite blog articles from years past. Rolling Runway got their start just under a year ago and have been popping up all over town ever since. We’re proud of the growth of the fashion scene in Athens, and these ladies are part of it!

Words by Haley Southey. Photos by Austin Steele.

Building a business from the ground up isn’t what you typically see from a new college grad and a current college student, but that is exactly what Morgan Schubert and Kendall Turnipseed from the Rolling Runway have been up to this summer. After much mobile-vehicle deliberation, the girls purchased an Airstream, completely renovated it from bottom to top and are now selling fashionable clothing right out of their mobile boutique.

The girls got the idea for their business while they were working part-time in downtown Athens at a men’s formalwear retailer. “We recognized that there was a need for more women’s formalwear styles. We wanted to sell cute and affordable styles that could come right to you.”

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