Athens Style: Indie South Fair

Words by Shayon Keating.

This upcoming weekend Indie South Fair’s Spring Spectacular is happening in downtown Athens. The true core of Indie South Fair brings together a beautiful aggregation of the Athens creative teams. Artists, foodies, designers, brand-makers, and trendsetters will be attending and offering up their own personal creativity for Athens to munch on. Athens has become an alluring breeding ground for the creative to grow and make a name for their self.

photo courtesy of Whirly Wraps

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Camille Taylor


Editor’s Note: This weekend marks one of our favorite events: the Lamar Dodd Jewelry Sale. Creative, unique pieces at reasonable prices have us dreaming about new earrings and necklaces. The sale will take place at the Lamar Dodd School of Art from April 28 – May 3. Friday, April 29, will also host a reception where pieces will be on sale until 8 p.m. Stop by for a beverage and a new ring. See you there!

Words & Photos by Eva Claire Schwartz and Taylor Canerday.

Looking at the intricate and elegant designs of jewelry and metalworking artist Camille Taylor, you’d never know she simply stumbled upon her craft.

“I had to choose an elective [for art school] and it was between jewelry or photography. I’m glad I chose jewelry,” laughs Taylor. Continue reading “Camille Taylor”

Athens Style: Dorm Room Beautician

Words by Laura Pendleton. Photos by Mary Cims.

It takes several minutes for Dorm Room Beautician founder Brittney Laryea to tally all the times she’s been asked, “So, who did your hair?”

Laryea started the DRB as a response to Athens’ lacking market for Afro-textured hair. Now that the DRB’s clientele is avidly expanding, Laryea ultimately hopes that this unique service can expand to college campuses across the nation and instill an appreciation for the artistic hairstyles unique to the Afro-textured community. Continue reading “Athens Style: Dorm Room Beautician”

Community Spotlight: Melissa Roberts of Canopy Studio


(Editor’s Note: Contributing writer Meg Taylor and photographer Mercedes Bleth collaborated on this piece a short bit back. With the upcoming spring show “With Flying Colors”, running April 22 – 24, we’re dusting this off to spotlight an extremely talented group of people. Tickets can be purchased in advance here.)

Located in Terry street warehouses, is an acrobatic playground where kids and adults alike learn and practice the art of aerial dance.

Canopy Studio, this acrobatic playground, was started 13 years ago by former modern dancer, Suzan Murphy. Having roots in Georgia, Murphy started Canopy in Athens, because she knew it would be receptive to a creative idea like a trapeze studio. Within a few years of opening, Canopy had a full company and was putting on productions twice a year. Murphy retired in 2009 and passed along the professional company to Melissa Roberts, who is now the director of the studio. Continue reading “Community Spotlight: Melissa Roberts of Canopy Studio”

Athens Eats: Condor Chocolates’ Partnerships

Words by Sam Stephens. Photos by Christy Rogers.

Good beer, good coffee and good chocolate are three of life’s greatest pleasures, and Athens is known for its local brews of both varieties. Condor Chocolates, the creation of brothers Peter and Nick Dale, is completing the trifecta with artisanal chocolate sourced entirely from Ecuadorian cocoa plantations and made 100% in-house at their small and intimate shop, nestled conveniently in Athens’ Five Points.


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Athens Eats: A Celebration of Brunch

Despite its status as a smaller city, Athens kills the brunch game. In honor of our favorite meal, we’ve compiled a video celebrating some of our favorite brunch spots around town. Through cinematography, Trevor Blesse and Sean Bradley celebrate Preserve, Heirloom and Big City Bread and emphasize the love of brunch that lives in our hearts as well as our stomachs, whether you prefer your biscuit with a piping hot cup of Big City Blend or covered in Heirloom’s weekly “love” special.

Now that we’ve sparked your appetite, go ahead and make plans for this weekend’s brunch.

Creature Comforts Can Design

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Athens Style: Ekkos Nonprofit

Words by Aspen Fairchild. Photos by Austin Steele.

Meet Augustine, a 14-year-old orphan from Dwendwenase, Ghana that has a passion for dancing and dreams of becoming a pastor when he grows up. Now meet Jennifer, a 12-year-old who lives at the same orphanage and aspires to be a bank manager. To both Augustine and Jennifer, school is a luxury, but now they can afford it thanks to Ekkos, a non-profit organization that was founded right here in Athens.

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Community Photos | March

Every Sunday, we feature a group of photos from some of our favorite local photographers. We like to think of it as a chance for Athenians to tell the story of what Athens means (and looks like) through their eyes. These are our Sunday Features photos from March.