Community Spotlight: Athens Outdoors

Words by Heather Bryan. Photos by John Paul.

It is a perfect day in Athens; the kind that makes you feel guilty for staying inside. Maybe you are an adventure enthusiast, maybe you have been working inside all week, maybe you are trying to get in shape, or maybe it is just time to lose yourself and get re-centered.  Regardless of the cause, Athens’ park scene is alive and thriving—ready for you to start exploring.

Botanical Garden-

Botanical Garden

Entry that is free of charge, plentiful parking and only a 15-minute drive from downtown, makes the Botanical Gardens the ideal place to come and get back down to earth. My recommendation of how to “do” this trip would be to park, and then simply wander. Do not look at a map and decide where exactly you want to visit—because stumbling upon these seemingly hidden treasures simulates a child-like magic.  I began back behind the Terrace Room, where you will find a secret-garden-like running fountain in front of an old, stone wall engulfed in various greeneries from Asia and Europe and back to Athens.

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Jamie Calkin

Words and Photos by Robert Daniel.


You have probably seen it. You may have even leaned against it, stopped and admired it, but you probably do not know its story. The it, I am referring to is the Tate mural, a 64-foot long watercolor mural by Jamie Calkin, a local Athens artist. I sat down with Jamie Calkin to ask him to share the story of the mural.

It is a story that almost never happened.

According to Calkin, “Willie Banks [the then director of the Tate Student Center] emailed me and told me they were having a contest and we want you to submit. I don’t like contests, and I didn’t honestly do the best job.” Continue reading “Jamie Calkin”

Jessica Fay, Pixel & Ink, and Jen Holt

Words by Shelby Gordon. Photos by Steven Patterson.

Athens is a city overflowing with passionate people who exude creativity. This creativity is personified in the women of Jessica’s Photo Albums & Gifts, Pixel and Ink, and Jen Holt.

Jessica’s Photo Albums & Gifts

Jessica Fay

Jessica Fay’s business is rooted in preserving the memories of others through designing personalized photo albums, memory boxes and scrapbooks for others. As a child, Fay was enthralled by the photos tucked away in her grandmother’s scrapbooks. Each photo told a story.

“It’s not just about the picture, it’s about the story,” said Fay. “I am saving that photo for future generations to enjoy, to look at and to feel the love from.”

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Community Photos | February

Every Sunday, we feature a group of photos from some of our favorite local photographers. We like to think of it as a chance for Athenians to tell the story of what Athens means (and looks like) through their eyes. These are our Sunday Features photos from February.

Tuesday Takeovers | February

Every Tuesday, we feature photos from some of our favorite local photographers in a series we call Tuesday Takeover. We like to think of it as a chance for everyday Athenians to tell the story of what Athens looks like through their eyes. These are our Tuesday Takeover photos from February.





Athens Eats: No Wait Breakfast Spots

Breakfast Places

Words by Laura Pendleton. Photos by Austin Steele.

Primitive peoples and hard-working hunter/gatherer societies of Humanoids Past once ravenously dined on hastily-prepared meals prior to their lengthy days of survivalist duties. Luckily, this modern generation gets to take a slower and more appreciative approach to breaking the morning fast. Athens affords her dwellers a multitude of options when it comes to meal times. There are hip coffee shops and venders of authentic ethnic cuisines sprinkled throughout the Classic City. However, nothing comes close in comparison to the breakfast and brunch joints found on just about every corner of the town. No matter how you prefer to take your tea, Athens has you covered. Continue reading “Athens Eats: No Wait Breakfast Spots”

Athens Style: Fringe Athens

Shop Fringe Athens

Just a few weeks ago, our friends at Red Dress Boutique opened a new store downtown — Fringe! With a new shop — built by Candid Construction —  featuring boho chic and gorgeous fabric installations made right here in Athens by UGA grads Maddie Zerkel and Katherine Dunlap, it’s an anchor for local fashion, right next door to Urban Outfitters. Stop by today, check out their gorgeous space and say congratulations!

And in case you can’t, we’ve got a sneak peek for you from photographer Courtney Cooper Johnson, who was with My Athens at the grand opening party.

Spencer Frye | Flagpole’s Athens Superhero

spencer frye
spencer frye
Photo by Josh L. Jones for Flagpole

My Athens loves Spencer Frye. As director of Habitat for Humanity, our nonprofit partner, he does incredible good for the community. He’s also Athens’s state rep, taking our interests to the capitol. So it’s no wonder the Flagpole named him one of their Athens Superheroes this year.

Here’s what Spencer has to say about his favorite superhero:

“I really always liked Spider-Man. He could bounce around, he could zip around, but he was this regular guy. He had kind of tough high-school experiences. I can relate to that, you know?”

Read the full story over at Flagpole.