ICYMI: Sons of Sawdust in the AJC

sons of sawdust matt ben
sons of sawdust matt ben
Image by Hyosub Shin for the AJC

We love good storytelling about creative people doing big things in our city, so we were thrilled to see our partners, Sons of Sawdust, featured in the AJC last weekend. In case you missed it, here’s an excerpt from the story by Josh Green. You can read the full article here.

“Today, through a confluence of skill, luck and good branding, these two restless creatives have built a reclaimed-wood craft business with backlogged orders and clients from Los Angeles to New York. “American Pickers” creator Mike Wolfe is pitching a reality TV show about them to major networks. Should Wolfe fail, four other production companies are waiting in line to pitch their own shows based on the brothers.

The irony is that Sons of Sawdust has relied on old-fashioned mediums — woodworking and storytelling — to become social media stars, which is the root of their popularity (and how Wolfe initially found them). Their relationship to reclaimed wood traces back to a garage workshop three hours south of Atlanta, where two boys once were awed by their grandfather’s craftsmanship. They called him “Pa.”

Way to go Ben, Matt and Shayna! We’re proud to call Sons of Sawdust our friends and collaborators.

Athens Style: Pope On Prince

Pope on Prince

Words by Aspen Fairchild. Photos by Christy Rogers.

Monica Bischoff, owner of the vintage boutique Pope on Prince, sporting a perfected bedhead look that all would be envious of, welcomed us into her boutique, while her granddaughter twirled in and out of rooms, leaving a choreographed path of stuffed animals. Bischoff’s hairdo is an ode to a later statement, “I wake up, roll out of bed and I’m at work,” a perfect summation for the appeal of the recent trend of live-work spaces. But behind the seemingly disheveled look is a passion for a business that arrived in the least romantic of ways. Continue reading “Athens Style: Pope On Prince”

Athens Eats: home.made from Scratch is Growing

Words and Photos by Mobley Brandenburg.

The colorful mural driving down Baxter might catch your eye. home.made From Scratch, a quaint and cozy cafe and caterer located at 1072 Baxter Street, offers lunch Tuesday-Friday, dine in, carry out, or by delivery—whichever fits your next lunch break. As this popular spot grows, so do their hours.


home.made recently had the opportunity to purchase their neighboring space and are expanding their dining room to accommodate larger crowds and longer hours. The renovation is anticipated to be done by in April. The new hours will be 11-2:30 for lunch and dinner will run 5:00-9:00 Tuesday-Saturday. Also, a shift from counter-service to table-service will provide an even more personal and intimate experience. Continue reading “Athens Eats: home.made from Scratch is Growing”

Pop Up Performance Art

Words by Steven Rounds. Photos Courtesy of Krakin Jokes and SoFar Sounds Athens.

The opportunity to experience art in its rawest form, free from the constraints of expectation and of physical barriers, seems rare. Yet in Athens, pop-up art (immersive, engaging experiences in temporal spaces) abounds. We met with the creators of a pop-up comedy show and the coordinator of an underground concert series to describe some ways pop-up art is created and to encourage Athenians to explore art in unfamiliar ways.

krakinjokes Continue reading “Pop Up Performance Art”


Words by Tori Stoenica. Photos by Austin Steele.

The definition of ‘undercuts’ varies from person to person. Some think it literally means “under”, meaning the cut is done on the underside of the head (think: David Beckham). Others include shaving one side of the head. Whichever way you define “undercuts”, and whether you like them or are secretly wishing the mullet would come back in style, it looks like these cool-to-touch hairstyles are here to stay.


Elyse Mazanti, a stylist at Model Citizen on Prince Ave, speculates undercuts came about in the 80s and 90s, but says we’re seeing more of them now due to the resurgence of fashion. The European barber style became increasingly popular and made it’s way over to the United States, where she noticed the prominence of undercuts around 2010 while she was working in Portland. Mazanti attributes this largely to the World Cup in 2010 as many soccer players sported the fade.  Male clients would often bring photos of David Beckham and others like him as a style reference. Continue reading “Undercuts”

Athens Artist: Undercuts Video

Words by Tori Stoenica. Video by Trevor Blesse.

With eyes closed in anticipation, you wait as the razor comes closer. It makes contact and you release the breath you didn’t realize you had been holding. What follows is a liberating sensation that is often paired with smiles and confidence.
You have just received your first undercut. Welcome to a paradoxical world of carefree, yet poised, hairstyles.

Special thanks to Chelsea Beckett at House of Lux for letting us film this cut!

Vision Video: Hidden Gem of the Eastside

Words & Photos by John Buckley.

Vision Video, Athens’  video rental store on the Eastside, is just one part of what makes Athens unparalled. Years after Blockbuster went belly up, Vision video still opens its doors each day as it has since it opened in 1986. While there were 5 locations in Athens at its height, there is only one store now, but there is no sign of Vision Video leaving any time soon. Even in the age of Netflix, Hulu, and Redbox, Vision Video still succeeds because it offers a massive selection of recent and classic films as well as TV show selections that the others do not.

Vision Video

Athens has always been supportive of local businesses over commercial options with Vision Video being no exception. Zach Henderson, the store manager, believes this is a large part of what has kept them open.

Continue reading “Vision Video: Hidden Gem of the Eastside”

Athens Style: Seed Life Skills Fashion Show

Words by Madison Jarvis. Photos by Kayla Renie.

Not many young girls can say they have designed, sewed and modeled their own fashions. Thanks to Seed Life Skills and the Young Designer’s Sewing Program this dream became a reality for a group of girls this past Saturday night.


Seed Life Skills is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering youth through hands-on, multimedia curriculum materials while leveraging community resources to support contemporary home-economics education. Chef Hugh Acheson, known for his popular Athens restaurants 5&10 and The National is the founder of this amazing nonprofit; Seed Life Skills. Acheson’s goal is to revitalize the lost art of home-economics. Continue reading “Athens Style: Seed Life Skills Fashion Show”

Tuesday Takeovers | January

Every Tuesday, we feature photos from some of our favorite local photographers in a series we call Tuesday Takeover. We like to think of it as a chance for everyday Athenians to tell the story of what Athens looks like through their eyes. These are our Tuesday Takeover photos from January.

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