Athens Eats: Mardi Gras at Homemade Catering

mimi maumus homemade

This post originally appeared on Guide 2 Athens. Thanks to our friends at that wonderful publication for telling the stories of great Athens businesses and sharing them with us!

mimi maumus homemade
Mimi Maumus, chef and proprietor of home.made catering. Photo courtesy of Guide 2 Athens.

As New Orleans’ infamous Mardi Gras is underway, with its biggest festivities taking place next weekend, February 5-7, we want to share the excitement for this special holiday with some good news for all Athens residents who won’t be making the trip to New Orleans. You are in luck, as home.made catering is ready to provide a bangin’ Mardi Gras catering menu right here in Athens!

Mimi Maumus, chef and owner of home.made catering, was born and raised in New Orleans. She has been working to incorporate the tastes of her New Orleans childhood into Georgia cuisine, and this Mardi Gras season, she has decided to turn it up a notch.

How, you ask? For the first time, home.made catering has ordered authentic, real deal, Mardi Gras King Cakes from Mimi’s New Orleans favorite, Gambino’s Bakery. Mimi has been getting her King Cakes from this establishment since she was a little girl, and she has decided to share this renown bakery’s specialty for all of Athens to enjoy.

king cake
A king cake. Photo courtesy of Guide2Athens.

For the uninitiated, King Cakes are traditional Mardi Gras fare, consisting of a colorfully iced cake with a bean or small baby figurine baked in, symbolizing luck for the person who finds it in their slice.

Mimi says, “I think I am embracing more and more of my childhood and nostalgic food dishes into my cooking style here at the shop. I am fascinated by southern food, and New Orleans has its own brand of southern food, and people just love it. With Mardi Gras coming up, I wanted to have an authentic New Orleans item. It is the real deal. We’ve tried to make King Cakes in years past, but in my opinion, it’s supposed to be exactly how Gambinos makes them.”

pigs in blankets
Pigs in blankets. Photo courtesy of Guide2Athens.

In addition to King Cakes, home.made will carry Creole chicken and shrimp kabobs, Andouille sausage pigs-in-a-blanket, blackened chicken jambalaya and pepper jelly pecans. So if you’re hankering for a taste of The Big Easy this Mardi Gras season, you know who to call.

Athens Artist: Camille Taylor


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Looking at the intricate and elegant designs of jewelry and metalworking artist Camille Taylor, you’d never know she simply stumbled upon her craft.

“I had to choose an elective [for art school] and it was between jewelry or photography. I’m glad I chose jewelry,” laughs Taylor.

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Athens Eats: Southern Brewing Company Redefines “Local” Beer

Southern Brewing Company Wild Azalea

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You’ve heard of Athens’ local produce movement, but have you heard of local yeast? Southern Brewing Company, a local brewery that opened last May at 231 Collins Industrial Blvd, aims to make sure you do. Everything from their tap handles to their bar were made in an effort to keep Athens resources out of the landfill.

Southern Brewing Company Brian Roth
Southern Brewing Company’s Brian Roth. Photo by Austin Steele

But what really gets co-owner Brian Roth excited is SBC’s local yeast program, the first step in an ambitious effort to redefine “local” beer by using all Georgia-grown ingredients — from hops to grains to the yeast itself.

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Athens Style: Great Dame

Great Dame

Katherine Ball: The Face Behind Great Dame Jewelry

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“Complacency is the devil.”

Katherine Ball is a woman after my own heart. Clad in all black, we sat together at Hendershot’s Coffee and laid our lives out on the table. A passionate dreamer, Ball spoke to me with a surefire, yet humble confidence and dug into how both her career as an up-and-coming musician and her Great Dame jewelry line strive to be as far away from that “devil” as possible.

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