My Athens Year in Review

Downtown Athens Ga
Downtown Athens Ga
Illustration by Kaity Black (@kaityminorblack).

This year has been an incredible one for My Athens.  2015 has been full of packed events, new friends, exciting ideas and lots of growth. Our online community has nearly doubled in size since June! And that’s all thanks to you — sharing our photos, tagging your friends, coming to our events and, as always, using the hashtag #my_athens!

Today, as we wind down the year and celebrate reaching 20,000 followers on Instagram this week, we want to take a moment to say THANK YOU and present our My Athens year in review.

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My Year in Athens | Austin Steele

Downtown Athens Georgia

This week, My Athens is partnering with The Wish Dish, a local personal storytelling website, to bring you the stories of how living in Athens made 2015 special for three local people. Tonight, our social media and photography director, Austin Steele, shares how helping the city tell its own story through our Instagram has pushed him to grow, seek out adventure and see Athens in a new light.

Downtown Athens Georgia

Words and images by Austin Steele.

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Out of the Orchard | Peach State Pride’s Derek Chitwood

V.F. Chitwood

As 2015 winds down, My Athens has partnered with The Wish Dish to bring you stories of remarkable local people who did big things in Athens this year. Our last one comes to us from Derek Chitwood of Peach State Pride, a local clothing company that recently opened a store downtown.

Derek Kari Beth Chitwood
Derek and Kari Beth Chitwood

When I was a boy, my family didn’t earn a lot of money. I had two older brothers, and my Dad, or “Deddy” as we call him, got a late start on his career as a rural mail carrier. My Mom rarely worked a job but rather spent every waking hour raising her 3 rambunctious sons It’s funny how material things don’t matter to a passionate young boy. I was always into something, always creating, always playing, and my childhood was filled with mostly positive thoughts, something that came natural to me.

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Choosing Athens | Serra Ferguson of Indie South Fair

Serra Ferguson Indie South Fair
Serra Ferguson is the founder and organizer of Indie South Fair, a series of markets featuring local artists and craftspeople that pops up around town throughout the year. This year’s December holiday market featured over 100 vendors and created tens of thousands of dollars in holiday spending on local businesses. Check out Indie South’s smaller pop-up shops at Broad 9A in the Chase Street Warehouses the third Sunday of every month, and keep an eye out for their Valentine’s Market February 6 at Creature Comforts.
Give Serra and Indie South a follow on Instagram to stay up to date on upcoming markets and meet tons of local artists making everything from screen prints to reclaimed wood tables.
This story was produced in partnership with The Wish Dish, an Athens website dedicated to helping people share their stories.
Serra Ferguson Indie South Fair

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Dana Jo Cooley

Words by Steven Rounds. Photos Courtesy of Dana Jo Cooley.

Athens is undeniably a national music hub.  This rich, musically inclined culture is not only attributed to the musicians that live here.  Artists involved in every aspect of music production (from the creation of merchandise, to the set design and production, to the creation of auxiliary performance art) allow concert-goers to experience music in an enhanced way. One prominent local artist who has contributed immensely to the music-adjacent art space is Dana Jo Cooley.

Photo by Ben Rouse

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Athens Artist: AAArts Council’s Fifth Annual Art Crawl

Interactive Art

Words by Nina Goodall. Photos Courtesy of Michelle Davis.

Whether you are strolling the halls of the Georgia Museum of Art searching for that precious Radcliffe Bailey or merely browsing the art that covers the walls of the World Famous while waiting for your pretzel bites, art seems to constantly surround and embrace the Athens community.  This artistic hub we are privileged to call home offers immense culture and diversity and unites the community. This Saturday, December 12th, Athens’ artists and businesses will bring the community together for the AAArts Council’s Fifth Annual Art Crawl and Membership Drive. This event will showcase fine art, photography, sculpture, spoken work, poetry readings, and musical performances from many of the talented Athens artists. It will be held at the Chase Street Park Warehouse from 1-5 P.M. Continue reading “Athens Artist: AAArts Council’s Fifth Annual Art Crawl”

Athens Eats: Savory Pumpkin and Squash Recipes

Words by Sam Stephens. Photos by Christy Rogers.

When asked about America’s preoccupation with pumpkin and winter squash as sweet ingredients, Athens Chef Peter Dale replied, “Honestly, I think that the rest of the world probably eats squash and pumpkin not in a sweet way. I think we’re one of the few that uses them in sweet [ways]- like in pies.”


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Community Spotlight: Downtown Parade of Lights

Parade of Lights

Words by Tori Stoenica. Photos by John Buckley.

On the first Thursday of December thousands of people, young and old, flooded the streets of Downtown Athens to see the annual Parade of Lights.

Full of lights and Christmas cheer, the parade averages at about 60 entries. Half of the entries are floats sponsored by Athens’ schools, churches, businesses and nonprofits. The other half is composed of organized units, such as bands or dances to bring music and life to the streets. Continue reading “Community Spotlight: Downtown Parade of Lights”

Community Photos: November

Window Colors

Tuesday Takeover: November

Morton Theatre