Community Spotlight: Emily Hearn


Athens based musician Emily Hearn, who recently released her second full-length album “Hourglass”, is now promoting the album and touring the country with fellow singer/songwriter Tyrone Wells. We caught up with Emily in the midst of her busy schedule to learn more about what went into this album and why she loves to call Athens home.

Emily moved to Athens in 2008 to pursue a journalism degree at UGA and ended up discovering the future she had in a full time music career.


“I feel like everything that I am as a musician came as a result of me living in Athens,” Emily explained. ” I’ve been so inspired here, learned everything I know about songwriting here, played my first show here, and met my husband and musical partner Michael Harrison here. Now having lived in Athens for seven years, I can’t pictured myself without it. It’s comforting to be in such an inspired town that is so supportive of local artists.”

The community really has rallied behind Emily, especially with regards to this second album. Her fan base completely funded the production of the album in 40 days through a Kickstarter project.


“When I was looking to make a new album I asked my fans if they’d be interested in helping out in exchange for fun, exclusive rewards. They were so positive and excited,” Emily said.

The production process started with 35 songs which were then narrowed down to the amazing twelve that we see on the album. According to Emily, time in the studio started with the drums and built all the way up to the vocals.

“We just began tackling the songs, one by one, and tried to fully capture the emotion of each one,” Emily said.

The new album has a little bit different feel than her first. Although it still has the familiar peppy and upbeat sound of her first album, it also includes some more serious songs. Listeners will find themselves relating to the real life struggles that Emily sings about through out the album, from heartbreak to trying to figure out where your place in the world is.

“I really wanted and needed to experiment with writing more serious content. There are definitely songs that are upbeat or positive, but I desperately wanted to be able to put into these songs the emotion that I am currently feeling in my life–the desire to do the right thing and to grow up gracefully, but not having a clue where to go,” Emily said.

Currently Emily is having a blast on a nation-wide tour with Tyrone Wells. However, she is super excited to be heading out on her first-ever headlining tour this fall! Keep up with Emily at to find out when she will be heading home to the Classic City, and don’t forget to check out her new album!


Written by Blythe Coker. Photos courtesy of Emily Hearn.