Process Galleries: Pre-Runway


Photo by Chelsea Kornse Photo by Chris Scredon Photo by Tobin Russell Photo by Barry Ervin Photo by Chelsea Kornse Photo by Chelsea Kornse Photo by Tobin Russell Photo by Barry Ervin Photo by Chelsea Kornse Photo by Chris Scredon Photo by Chelsea Kornse Photo by Tobin Russell Photo by Tobin Russell Photo by Tobin Russell Photo by Tobin Russell Photo by Barry Ervin Photo by Chelsea Kornse Photo by Barry Ervin Photo by Barry Ervin Photo by Chelsea Kornse Photo by Barry Ervin Photo by Chelsea Kornse Photo by Chelsea Kornse Photo by Chelsea Kornse Photo by Tobin Russell Photo by Chris Scredon Photo by Chelsea Kornse
Photo by Chelsea Kornse


We had an incredible time at this year’s gallery event “Process”. We are so grateful for everyone who came out to celebrate Athens with us! We sold around 500 tickets to the gallery event and raised over $2,600 for Community Connection and Athens Habitat for Humanity.

Over the next few days we are excited to share with you the process of “Process” through a series of galleries. Each gallery will include pictures from different aspects or stages of the event. Today’s series highlights the pre-runway festivities as the models and designers prepared to make their entrances.

Be on the look out for more pictures from the event coming up later this week and don’t forget to go check out the My Athens Annual Gallery at Creature Comforts this month!

Process: Behind the Scenes

We are so excited about this year’s My Athens Gallery event and the incredibly talented people who are participating in it. Our designers and models were hard at work in the “Process”  of preparation during  dress rehearsal on Wednesday night, and they can’t wait to reveal their creations this weekend!

If you love Athens, art, fashion and beer then please join us Sunday, March 22 at Creature Comforts from 6 pm-9pm for Process. Tickets will be sold at the door or can be purchased online here.

Bring your friends, your family and your love for Athens! You don’t want to miss this!

My Athens Gallery: Sneak Peek

Community Spotlight: Brian Gamsey of Always Baked


Always Baked started as a class project, then an entry into the Georgia‘s Next Top Entrepreneur competition, next a two-nights a week home operated business, and is now home to “the highest quality brunchies and munchies” in Athens. We had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and talk to Brian Gamsey, the founder and owner of Always Baked.


Brian’s original idea was a cookie delivery company that benefitted local charities. He tested the idea by operating out of his home, where the business took off and began to grow.

“We had good feedback those first couple of months so I decided to drop out of my PhD program and we started doing it six days a week. We started to get more and more in demand and Athens Bagel Co. asked us to share space with them. We kept growing then decided we needed our own space so we moved here at the beginning of last year,” Brian explained when we asked about how he got the business to where it is today.

“I had no intentions of becoming a baker, but I’ve always enjoyed playing with food,” he said.

According to Brian, he wanted Always Baked to be a “uniquely Athens experience”.  Throughout the store, you can see all things Athens being encompassed. Local art, a bookshelf with books, reviews from Athens Reads and a large mural of Sanford Stadium hang on the walls. And of course the coffee served is none other than Jittery Joe’s.


Giving back to the community of Athens is also incredibly important to Brian and the staff of Always Baked. By hosting percentage nights and working with over 25 different charities, Always Baked supports the vibrant community of Athens.

“If you are going to be apart of a community,” commented Brian. “I think you should be apart of all of it. I’m just grateful to play with my food and make stoner jokes for a living and at the same time give back to the Athens community.”


Conveniently located on Baxter Street right by the freshman dorms and the heart of UGA’s campus, Always Baked and the most popular menu item, the “Sack of Nugs,” which is delicious fried cookie dough, is becoming a local favorite.

While the menu began as just fresh baked cookies, it has expanded extensively. It now includes everything from fried cheesecake to fresh biscuits.


“We started as one cookie and now we have six different cookies, a variety of fired fair food, ice cream sandwiches, pancakes, French toast, and much more,” explained Brian. The combination of sweets and brunch food is served all day.

Comfy couches, free Wi-Fi, and Jittery Joe’s coffee make Always Baked an atmosphere for more than just running in and grabbing some cookies.



“We’re really starting to promote our coffee and make this a place to study. For the whole month of March we’ll have dollar coffee,” Brian said.

So, if you’re looking for a new study spot or place to hang out with friends, be sure to stop by Always Baked and grab a cup of coffee for a dollar and try a “Sack of Nugs” this month!


Written by Blythe Coker. Photos by Sarah Boden.

Community Q&A with Artist Brooke Davidson

Photo by Katie Bryant Photography.

Meet the artist: Brooke Davidson

Check out her website:


Tell us what you do: I share my artwork with the intention to inspire and connect with my audience. Most of my work is pattern-based, so I try to create patterns and designs that people maybe haven’t seen before.



Tell us about your history: I recently graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in Textile Design and Art Education. I have always loved art and creating things using a variety of media. Right now, I am currently painting and looking for opportunities to get my artwork and designs out into the world. I will be joining a non-profit organization, The Archibald Project on a “media mission” to Jinja, Uganda this upcoming April. While I am there, I will be getting to know the locals and orphans and serving them in different ways. When I return from the trip, I will use my artwork to share the stories of the people I meet and advocate for orphan care in my community here. 


Tell us about the importance of your work: On a personal level, the most important thing about my work to me is “the process”. Throughout my years studying at the art school, one of the most important things I learned was understanding “how I work”. I learned that I like to explore materials and let them lead me in my process of creating. Once I figured that out and stopped fighting it, creating began to be more natural and innate. I learned not to expect a certain outcome, but rather expect a process that would create something that is constantly evolving and revealing new possibilities. On a collective note, the importance of my art is ultimately to help others. I am working on creating new work that advocates for others and supports people in need. I think the importance of art in general, is that art can open doors for conversations to happen about important issues and can spark change. Art is storytelling, and storytelling can bring awareness and bring change to the world. Although most of my work is design-based (and not very conceptual), there can still be a strong story behind design (which is what I seek to do). 


Tell us why you live in Athens: I moved to Athens to study at UGA and it didn’t hurt that it is the most intriguing and interesting college town. Athens is an awesome, funky little town where there are so many things to do, places to go and people to meet. It is more than just a college town, but definitely one of the best! Athens has a lot more than what meets the eye. There are so many quirky places and local shops that are so unique and really authentic to Athens. Even though I have lived here for four years, I still feel like there is more for me to discover and explore!


Describe your favorite things about this city:  Branded Butcher brunches and bloody mary’s, cocktails and food from The National, deserts from Last Resort, Lamar Dodd, Athfest, Family and Friends concerts, all the inspiring artists that live here, Georgia Theatre shows, Allgood Lounge, Stan Mullin’s studio, Bel Jean, The Loft Art Supplies store, Amici Wings, Hable Construction, Bulldawg Brawl, Community Boutique, Ted’s Pizza, Flickr shows(“Happy Meal”), concerts at 40 Watt and Caledonia, Walker’s coffee, Athens Church, and definitely the friendships and relationships I have built in Athens with all the wonderful people I have met here! 


My Athens Presents: Process

FINAL LOGO-Blue2This year for our gallery event we are excited to be teaming up withCreature Comforts and Community Connection to present Process, a night of  fashion, art, craft beer and great community!

On March 22, please join us at Creature Comforts for our spring fashion show featuring clothing from local designers Rachel Barnes, Shawna Lee Maranville, Anna LeBer and Necklush’s Troy Hicks and Stefano Diaz.

The annual My Athens Gallery will also be displayed along with various other local art installations. Music will be provided by the Booty Boys and surprise guests.

All ages are welcome! For those who are over 21, tickets include a glass and 8 beer samples. Proceeds go to benefit My Athens and Community Connection of Northeast Georgia, making sure no need goes unmet in our area.

Tickets can be purchased here. We hope you can come!