Community Q&A with Artist Anna Edwards


Meet the artist: Anna Edwards

Stay in touch: @dustmadejewelry

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Tell us what you do: I am super inspired by nature and flowers and patterning. I love raw, uncanny aspect of nature and its spontaneity. It is always changing, always transforming, and always awe-inspiring. I want my audience to rejoice in these qualities of nature as they hold and wear my work! Overall, I really just want people to love it when they wear it. I want them to feel special and unique and love to put it on!


Tell us about your history: I grew up in Moultrie, Georgia. It’s a baby town in really, really south GA. Like any small town, a lot of people are dying to get out by the time they graduate. I was ready to go to college because I knew college was fun. But really, I LOVE Moultrie and the sweet and engaged community that it has to offer. Growing up there was extremely special and I know that it influenced a lot of who I am today.

I have an incredible family…I’m sure that’s what anyone would say. But I really believe that they are the best! My family owns a BBQ restaurant in Moultrie and so I grew up with the restaurant as our dining room and where we are most of our meals! No complaints there. That where I learned how important eating with people was. I love the fellowship and conversation that you bask in while sitting around the dinner table.

I got married in May and have loved every second of being a wife. Marriage is the best and has been such a safe place for me to dream and do as an artist.


Tell us about the importance of your work: I like to think that my work is important, but I also understand how incredibly small I am in the grand scheme of things. Some artist might get discouraged by that fact, but when you truly understand how minuscule you are in this world, its an incredibly freeing reality. There’s no pressure to perform. There’s no pressure to try to be anyone but yourself. It’s exciting to know that a million small pieces make up the HUGE puzzle of life and we each get to be one of those pieces. I find myself constantly working and making and wondering what role my work will play in the end! I think the suspense is motivating and inspiring.

I love working with my hands. Handmade is special. Every handmade piece is inherently one-of-a-kind. Working with my hands has opened, for me, a whole new vista through which I am able to understand what is going on around me. Often, as I am making, my flaws seem magnified. My imperfections always work their way to the surface. I love that. It’s a constant and gracious reminder that I am not perfect and that I don’t have to pretend I am.


Tell us why you live in Athens: Originally, I moved to Athens before my freshman year to attend UGA. Like a lot of people who initially come for school, I’m still here and it’s year 5. Athens is a city of opportunity. It offers entertainment, yummy foods and a close community. Athens seems to have shrunk from when I got here 5 years ago. It has a way of sucking you in and connecting you with other like-minded and like-hearted people. The result is that it feels like a small hometown that never stops loving, inspiring and supporting each other.


Describe your favorite things about this city: White Tiger, Endless coffee shops, everyone’s weird and no one cares, the importance of the arts, Ike and Jane, everyone runs/walks/bikes, it’s not just a stepping stone where you come for school and move on, Taqueria, fall in Athens, I could go on and on and on…