Community Q&A with Lindsay Troutman of Copper and Torch


Full Name: Lindsay Troutman

Instagram/Twitter Handle: Copper_and_torch/ @copperandtorch


Email Address:

Describe what you do for your Audience: I make soldered glass terrariums, wall vases, jewelry using antique lace, and decor items.

Tell us about your history: I’ve been using traditional stained glass techniques for over a decade but launched “Copper & Torch” just 6 months ago! Since then, my business has grown so much and I’ve expanded to include a wholesale line that is quickly showing up in stores across the country! It’s very exciting!

Tell us about the importance of your work: It’s important to me to make something completely from scratch. I love taking a flat piece of glass and cutting and sculpting it to create a 3 dimensional, functional piece of art. Whether it’s a vase that holds water, a terrarium necklace that you can actually plant something in and wear, or a valet tray for your dresser using leather and glass to keep your surfaces tidy, the whole process is enjoyable for me. I love what I do and I hope that kind of quality and beauty and shows through my work.

Tell us why you live in Athens: We moved to Athens when my husband was accepted into the law school here. We chose Athens over several other schools because of the community, the art scene, the beauty and the FOOD!

Describe your favorite things about the city of Athens: I adore the people that make this city unique. I love that I can meet someone at a local gallery or event one day, and the next day you are planning an event together! It’s so much about connectedness and it’s something I’ve never experienced anywhere else. I really feel like Athens is a creativity incubator. You can’t help but flourish in these conditions.

































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