My Athens is…

My Athens: what does it mean to you?

For some, Athens is the best 4 (or 5) years of their lives, for others, it’s a destination to enjoy some of the best music and arts in the southeast, and still, others see Athens as home. Whatever Athens is to you, there is one thing that rings true: Athens is one of the most beautiful cities inside and out. Consistently recognized through the state, country and even world as one of the top cities to visit, play and live in, Athens culture is a great experience for all ages.

My Athens ATH

My Athens to us is the opportunity to engage with the Athens community and encourage them to find what Athens means to them. In turn, we will build community by documenting life in this beautiful city.

My Athens Logo

Our purpose in this blog and in the My Athens campaign experience is to:

  1. Introduce the community to the people who make Athens what it is
  2. Highlight their purpose, the reason they choose Athens and why they love this special city so much
  3. Showcase the best and brightest of restaurants, local businesses, skills and events in the city and what makes them so great
  4. Support great causes and give back to people and organizations in the Athens area
  5. Connect Athens with the world

There is so much more to the city of Athens than meets the eye. Our goal is to allow the community (and those who dream of moving back to Athens one day) a chance to get a behind the scenes look at The Classic City.

My Athens Featured Artists

You may have had the chance to participate in April’s Instagram art show and the series of events surrounding the show, and now you have the chance to be a part of something bigger. We’re aiming to unite the city of Athens through our efforts. We invite you to be a part of that unity.

My Athens Wall

As we kick off this blog, we welcome you to walk along with us as you would walk the streets of Athens with a friend. We’re here to celebrate the many beautiful aspects of the city with you.

My Athens Coffee

And to start, we’ve got a question for you!

What are some of your favorite places, people and events in Athens?

As we begin, we’d love to take a poll from our community to learn about how we can serve you best, and ultimately serve the Athens community!

Thanks for joining us!